About Sra. Steinman

I was born in Germany to a German mother and a Yugoslavian father.   At the age of 9 I began to study English and French at the age of 12.  In order to perfect my language skills I attended exchange programs in Great Brittain and France.  Languages and traveling have been my passions ever since. 

During my high school years I was fortunate to be able to tutor other students in languages which made me realize that eventually I wanted to teach.  I enjoyed it tremendously working with children and helping them to succeed. 

When I graduated from high school ready to attend the university Germany had too many teachers and becoming a teacher would have meant no job after graduating.  Searching for an alternative I traveled through Europe and Northern Africa and lived in Israel.  That's when I met my now husband, an American from California, and I came to live in the United States.  Here I had the chance to return to the university and pursue a career in teaching.  Since languages and traveling had always been my passion I studied Spanish, Portuguese and Geography.

I have had the incredible opportunity to live in several countries around the world and travel extensively with my husband through more than 70 countries in the Middle-East, Africa, Asia, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America.

My husband and I returned from a year long Europe/Africa experience in 2002 and I have been a Spanish teacher in El Segundo ever since.